Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Thoughts on Kyla Ross

I LIKE Kyla Ross's gymnastics! It's really rare for me to really like an American gymnast. She does have her flaws but what I like about her gymnastics is that she doesn't do the highest UB and BB difficulty and can still get scores in the 15.000 range. She has an ideal body type for gymnastics (lean, which shows off great lines) but she does lack a bit in artistry. She doesn't quite move her body in a elegant way but I still like her for some odd reason. I really hope she can make the USA Olympic team. I think she is clearly able to upgrade some of her routines but based on the scores that she has been receiving, I think she kind of doesn't have to upgrade.

Here are some of Ross's best Events with D-Scores.

Inbar + VLW (D+E)
Inbar 1/2 + Jaeger (D+D) 0.1CV
Inbar 1/1 + Bail + Inbar Shoot (E+D+C) 0.3CV

3.3 + 0.4CV = 3.7 + 2.5CR = 6.2 D-Score

Switch Ring + Back Tuck (E+C) 0.1CV
Front Aerial + ff + loso (D+B+C) 0.2CV
Aerial Cartwheel (D)
Switch Leap + Back Pike (C+C) 0.1CV
Full Turn (A)
Side-Somi (D)
Split Jump + Sissone (A/A)
Front Tuck + Sheep Jump (D+D) 0.1CV
RO + Dbl Tuck (D)

3.2 + 0.5CV = 3.7 + 2.5CR = 6.2 D-Score

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