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New Ksenia Afanasyeva Interview

There is a new Ksenia Afanasyeva interview. I didn't re-edit/translate the google translation. I don't know Russian and didn't felt comfortable in re-editing a translated article. I will post the whole interview down in this post. Click here for the original source 

Ksenia is a realistic person and that's what I admire about her. She does not get as much attention and credit for her work as one of the leaders for Russian gymnastics. She is very humble and only has respectable things to say about the other Russian star gymnasts. Some interesting things I thought I should point out. Afanasyeva will not debut a new floor routine at European Championships and will unveil it at the Russian Cup. She's been working on trying to find new floor music. She talks about her relationship with her coach. She also does not want to stay in the sport for a long time. She wants to try something new after when she retires from gymnastics. Afanasyeva is a typical 20 yr old women.

Click "please click to read more" to read the poorly google translated article:

Gymnast Ksenia Afanasyeva - about the national team and Olympics

Material provided by the publication of
April 20, 2012, 22:58
On presentation at the Beijing Olympics, the future starts, the new program and relationship with other members of the team - in an interview with world champion gymnast Ksenia Afanasyeva.
At the end of a press conference held at the presentation of the Olympic "VTB team" held April 18 in Moscow correspondent of "" asked detailed world champion in floor exercise Xenia Afanasyev team of leaders, the upcoming Olympic Games in London and the changes that have occurred during this Olympic cycle.

- Xenia, at a press conference, when it came to medals in the all-around, you said Aliya Mustafina, but about a humble silence. Why not?
- Frankly, I'm not so strong in all-around. I have a good average, and if we talk about the Olympics, the main battle for the medals lead Aliya Mustafina, Victoria Komova and Anastasia Grishina. I was recently asked whom I consider the leader of the team. Reply to this question is difficult, since all three gymnasts in their own strong, and all three will help the team in the fight for the gold. They are our most important link in the team.

- What type for you to be the most important thing at the Olympics?
- My favorite - floor exercise. In this form, I became world champion in 2011. A lot of them work, and all hope is exactly this kind.

- Do you have any preferences in the choice of musical accompaniment for the program?
- We did a program under a variety of music and classical and modern. Usually the choice is on the mood. Take the option that love me and the coach and choreographer. Even hard to imagine what kind of music I might not be appropriate. If only the east.

- Some changes to the program or have left last year's winning option?
- No, I still did not change. Time is now planning to speak with her at the European Championships, and after him I will make changes.

- Why, after, not before the European Championship?
- The fact that after the Russian Championship I was a little injured leg, so now I can not in full force to work on the floor exercise. The main task - a decent performance in the Europe of the old program, there is a new show is not required. Before the Olympics we will have the Cup of Russia, where it will be able to break in.

- Gymnastics - is difficult and traumatic sport. What helps you overcome any setbacks and move on?
- Since we are doing gymnastics since childhood, it becomes an integral part of life. It's like a walk, breathe, eat. I'm used to it, and if something does not work, then think about how much has already passed, and endured simply must get results.

- In the ballet, said to be successful need to love the pain. Do you too?
- You can get used to the pain, it can endure. And what about love ... not sure.

- From the Marina you have long been working on?
- Yes, where is the order of seven years. With it, I moved to Moscow and got under her leadership to the team and began to show results. We have long been aware of each other.

- During this time, once the relationship has changed?
- As a child, the coach can criticize, can sit down with you to do homework. Now do not scold, and explains. Over the years, everything becomes easier. In any case, you can always rely on him, it all helps. It's like a second mom.

- How strong is the competition within the team and whether it imposes an impact on the relationship between the girls?
- I can not say that we have some competition in the national team. We are, above all, a team of all try to help each other.

- Girlfriend in a team is?
- I'm friends with everyone, but most of all talk to Alia Mustafina and Vika Komova.

- At the Olympics will go to keep someone from our competitors? Guys, for example?
- And will we have at this time? For example, at the last Beijing Olympics, we just did not have time to go for someone ill. We came back only for the period of their competition. It is time, and secondly, the days of free performances, we still were busy training.

- Since you've already thought of the Beijing Olympics, how exciting this event was for you?
- Frankly speaking, in Beijing there was no special excitement, only a small performance in front of himself. I was then sixteen years old, and probably the value of the Olympics I did not particularly aware of. Perhaps only when she came to the platform, I realized that I was at the Games. I was just doing his job.

- And now the excitement is?
- Most likely, yes. Now there will be more understanding and awareness of what is happening than at a young age, so there will be more excitement.

- Over the past four years some changes have occurred, for example, in the training process?
- We have changed during this time head coach in the team. We began to work differently. And in the beginning of the Olympic cycle, it was very hard to rebuild, since his arrival there were other requirements or rules. But over time, used to, now I work like everyone else.

- We have gymnasts finish quite early career. But there are examples of a truly sporting longevity - is Oksana Chusovitina, which is now in favor of Germany. Which option do you prefer?
- In my opinion, it is better to finish early. I want to devote part of his life the gym, and give some other part of life. Try something new.

- Some ideas for what to do already?
- No. While I will not do voice.

- Now in addition to gymnastics for something else remains?
- Yes, of course, have the time and read books and watch a movie and sit at the computer. I, for example, in my spare time I love most of all listen to music or watch movies.

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