Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick Thoughts on Russia at the SUI-GBR-RUS Tri-Meet

Thanks to maddie1976ch's youtube channel that I got to see the Russian gymnastic team performed this weekend at a Switzerland - Britain - Russia tri-meet. The members at this meet were Mustafina, Komova, Grishina, Dementyeva, Sidorova and Paseka. They took gold as the top team.

The Russians were obviously not in top shape and form. They were not peaked and some were recovering from injuries but I still wasn't impress with some of the gymnasts. The scores should not be taken seriously (click here for results) because it was not a FIG competition. Beam scores were in the 15.000 range when really should have scored between 14.500-14.900 range. Russia had visible execution problems and I hope they can get it all sorted out by the Olympic games. Now, you're probably thinking why I'm being so negative to one of my favourite team, well they did not deserve some of the scores especially on BB.

My Russian Olympic team prediction of Mustafina, Komova, Grishina, Afanasyeva and Sidorova are still the same from after seeing the videos of this tri-meet. Now, I know Afanasyeva did not compete and has a minor injury but she will have time to recover. She is a strong competitor. Based on the tri-meet the Russian gymnasts were having a lot of problems on floor and the world gold medalist on floor Afanasyeva is clearly still their leader on this event. Dementyeva scored well on beam but with missed connections, shaky and other execution faults, she will have to look more improved to make the team. Paseka didn't prove anything well worth it and she will not make the cut on my prediction list. I still think Sidorova can make the team she wasn't completely 100%  free from her knee injury. I don't have much to say about Komova because she didn't compete on all events and just had a minor surgery. Komova did do decent routines but was a bit overscored on bars and a bit on beam. Komova had new floor music but did not compete floor. I don't like her new floor music. Click here to hear new floor music.The team leader Mustafina did well but will have to be even better in London. She is doing well considering coming back from a serious injury. And then there is Grishina who did a water down UB, hit VT, fell on beam and two out of bounds on floor. She will still most likely make the Olympic team.

Komova on UB D-6.7 E-9.15 = 15.850

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