Monday, September 17, 2012

2013 - 2016 MAG CoP Analysis

Edit: The link don't work no more. You can download MAG code from the FIG site.

Here is my analysis of the MAG code of points. If I misinterpreted anything please correct me in the comment section. I am still learning the MAG CoP and will hopefully understand it more by the time 2016 Olympics games rolls around. I compared the the '12 CoP with the new '16 and there seems to be very little changes, which is a good thing for me I guess. I already mildly know how to calculate D-scores for each apparatuses. Vault is obviously the easiest to determine D-scores. I'm most familiar with FX, VT and HB. Men count the top 10 skills. The skills are grouped into 5 different groups and the gymnast must compete one skill from each group. A maximum of 4 skills can only be used from one same group.

Floor Exercise: Not a lot has changed from the old code. By now pretty much everyone knows that only one rollout salto can be performed. The skills from the '12 code and the new one still seems to be the same. Pretty much floor scores will still be closely the same as the '12 code.

Pommel Horse: This apparatus is hard for me to understand. It's kind of like the equivalent to understanding WAG's Uneven bars. From what I can see not a lot has changed from the '12 code. But honestly I don't know enough about PH.

Still Ring: This apparatus still seems the same as from the '12.

Vault: A lot of vaults have been downgraded a point lower. The Shewfelt vault (Yurchenko 5/2 or Amanar) is 5.6, a lot different from the WAG code now. There are three 6.4 vaults, the Yang (3/1 front handspring), Ri (Tsuk dbl tuck 1/1 twist) and Piked Dragulescu. Those three vaults are the highest difficult vaults in this code. I'm going to have to get use to the lower vault D-scores. The calculations for vault finals will be (DVT1 + DVT2)/2 + 10.00 – (VT1 ex deductions + VT2 ex deductions), same as the WAG.

Parallel Bars: The Bilozerchev - Peters, and Dimic are all consider the same elements now. Tsolakidis I is now a G element instead of E. 

High Bar: Not much has changed. The connection value for on bar D/E/F + flight D/E/F or vise versa will now be worth 0.1CV instead of 0.2CV. C+C or more (both flight) is new for 0.1CV. I suspect C+C to be very popular. 

So that's my attempt at analyzing the MAG CoP. From what I understand not a lot has changed. I could be missing some valuable information. 

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