Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ksenia Afanasyeva, A Politician Now?

According to this Russian news source, Afanasyeva has joined a political party group.
In an interview with news agency "Tula news" Afanasyev said:
- I want to help my family in Tula, and that's why decided to join the party and participate in elections.
And not always do I stay in the sport.

Afanasyeva seems like an intelligent woman and will surely have a successful life after gymnastics. She has not confirm any gymnastic retirement news yet. She is still unsure. I really hope she sticks around. It's really good for the sport when there are actual women in gymnastics.

Afanasyeva also recently visited her old school. She gave a speech and answered questions. To commence the first day of shcool she rang the school's bell. Pics via: CLICK HERE



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