Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just Because

Deng Linlin's Olympic gold beam finals gif. That's FF (B) + BHS (B) + Layout (E) + Korbut (B), 0.3 connection value. Huge difficulty.

(Source: monigymnastics.tumblr)

Ksenia Afanasyeva's beam combo. Onodi (D) + Side-Somi (D), 0.1 connection value. It took her awhile to perfect that combo. She had always had trouble making the connection but finally mastered it.

He Kexin's Uneven bars. I can never get tired of the Li Ya (Jaeger mixed grip) to Jaeger. That's E + D for 0.2 connection value. Not to mention that she does it after two very difficult pirouette skills. Healy (E) + Ling (E) + Li Ya (E) + Jaeger (D) for 0.6 connection value! I'm probably the only one who likes the E + E pirouettes, they are beautiful and very very difficult to master. Some people are celebrating that it might be removed in the new code but I'll miss it. Sometimes it can make a gymnast look very elegant on bars.

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