Monday, October 22, 2012

Just Because...Cheng Fei

She is one of my top favourite gymnast. I was re-watching 2006 world championships last night and was reminded of how magnificent Cheng Fei was. Her gold floor routine was perfect in my eyes. So much better then today's standards. It is true that most floor exercises from the past were more innovative and difficult. The only floor exercises I can think of that was truly unique this quad was Raisman's first tumbling pass, 3/2 twist indirect to Arabian dbl tuck + front layout (okay the layout after the dbl Arabian is original, not so much the other parts) and Ellie Black's 5/2 twist indirect to 3/1 twist. There are probably some more unique passes from this quad but those were the only two that really came to my mind.

Here is Cheng Fei's 2006 world's gold medal floor routine. One of my all time favourite floor routine, heck I  don't really have an all time favourite floor routine list. I just love this routine. Her last pass Tsuk dbl pike is quite amazing. Most gymnasts nowadays don't even do full in dismounts.

And watch her 2006 gold vault final, just because...


  1. There was nothing innovated about Cheng's routine.

  2. @9:23 I think the blogger meant floor routines from the past were generally more difficult/innovated. Cheng's floor routine was definitely not innovated but one of the standout was that she dismounted with a full in pike. Most gymnasts would be running out of gas by then. Not to mention she did a double double in her routine. Her second vault is definitely innovated. It is named after her!