Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just Because...Ekaterina Kurbatova



It's a boring Tuesday today so here's some Ekaterina Kurbatova videos. She was a promising gymnast for Russia. Her pet events were vault and uneven bars. She once had a 6.6 D-score on bars and she did a Healy connected into double front 1/2 out dismount, pretty cool. She managed to win gold at 2010 world championships with her teammates. If anything that was a good achievement for her gymnastic career. She was used as a vault specialist in team finals and hit her bar routine in prelims. She qualified to vault finals but was sadly subbed out for Tatiana Nabieva. Kurbatova is not one of my most favourite gymnast but I do like her floor style. She doesn't have the most difficult and cleanly executed floor routine but her artistry style is pretty hard to ignore. She has presence on floor. She should be proud that she can say, "I was a world gold medalist champion."

Here's her 2010 team vault. Note, in 2009 hater Elfi said that she would be surprised to see Kurbatova make it to another worlds. Ha ha Elfi she made it to another worlds and won GOLD.


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  1. Omg stupid Alexandrov/Rodionenko for pulling out Kurbatova for Nabs who didn't even win a vault medal. I thought it was a stupid decision. Kurbatova made it in fair and square. It must of hurt Kurbatova. She came just to do vault and made finals and was replaced by Nabs.