Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Komova & Mustafina Plans For The Next Quad

There is a new radio interview from The Voice of Russia where Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina talks about their plans for the new quad. Komova's and Mustafina's goals are basically to upgrade their routines and make it to Rio 2016. They talk about upcoming competitions and which apparatuses they will work on the most.
I am really looking forward to seeing these new upgrades. It's interesting that Mustafina states she will not focus much on upgrading her balance beam. I'm hoping Komova can upgrade her floor routine. Maybe she can do two whips indirect to 3/1 twists? I hope so :D.


  1. Oooh that would be cool to see Vika do whips in her routines. How much would that add to her floor routine? What else can she do to bars though? I think she's maxed out there?

    1. At the Olympics her AA floor D-score was 6.0 so adding the two whips indirect to 3/1 twists would give her 2 tenths for 6.2. Still kind of low D-score since I bet a lot of floor specialist might have floor D-scores in the 6.3-.6.7 range. I think Komova can possibly pull it off doing whips. Afan started doing them in 2010, they were big upgrades for her.

      I remember Komova training double layouts, maybe that would materialize but she might run out of steam if she put it in. I don't think they will take out her first pass (3/2+dbl arabian + stag)it's worth more and she might not be able to pull off a DLO after such a hard first pass. But it could happen, anything is possible. Check out Peng Peng Lee's 2012 routine, she pulled it off.

      My dream routine for her :D (using new CoP '13-'16)

      DLO (F)
      3/2 indirect to Dbl Arabian + Stag (C+E+A) 0.3cv
      Memmel Spin (D)
      Dbl L-Spin + Single Attitude Spin (D+B) 0.1cv
      Split Ring Leap + Split Leap 1/1 (C/C)
      Whip + Whip indirect to 3/1 Twists (A+A+E) 0.2cv
      Double Pike (D)

      3.4(top 8 skills) + 0.6cv = 4.0 + 2.5 = 6.5 D-score

      Again just a dream routine. I hope she can upgrade somewhere.

  2. What about aliya's and vika's bars any upgrade ideas?

    1. Hi anon :) my brain is completely fried! I really have no idea where they can both upgrade. I guess I want to be surprised by their new upgrades. I won't be surprised if they don't change it drastically. Maybe I will do a post about this later on.

      If this helps, in the new code Komova's bar d-score will be 6.8 vs the current 7.0.

      Mustafina's new d-score on bars will be 6.7 vs current 7.0.