Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Part 1: Favourite Things From This Quad

It's that time of year again when gym fans starts to blog about their favourite gym moments of the year. I'm going to blog about my favourite moments of the quad, '09-'12. I might have missed some moments but these are some moments I can think of off the top of my head. It's been a crazy quad. I am really happy that I was able to see it all unfold. There were so many disappointments and happiness. I'll start off with 2009-2010.

One moment that comes to my mind was when Koko Tsurumi won 3rd AA in London 2009. Her clean execution was refreshing. I'm glad that Tsurumi was able to win medals at a world championship (WC). I really liked her beam and her very beautiful Ono pirouettes on bars. She even won 2nd in UB EF.

There were some floor routines that caught my attention. Anna Myzdrikova stood out easily. I personally don't like her artistry but her tumbling in FX EF was stunning. She did an amazing whip + dbl Arabian and second pass, 3/1 twists + back tuck, insane. There was also Ana Porgras. She is very elegant and pretty on floor. It's sad that she decided to quit gymnastics. She was so close to making it to the Olympics! I'm glad she walked away with the 2010 WC BB gold.

Kayla Williams 2009 vault EF gold: Beautifully stuck DTY

Ri Se Gwang's insane vaults

Speaking of the North Koreans, I loved Cha Yong Hwa's bars. Love the clean hop 1/1 + Def, Jam + Ono + Jaeger + Pak!

Yan Mingyong winning SR gold at London 2009. He didn't make the cut to 2012 but he at least has a WC gold medal. He is strong and a beast on rings.

Another Chinese guy, this time on pommel. He is one of the best pommel horse worker. Too bad he is basically a one eventer. Check out his clean routine. It's one of those perfect routine moments from this quad. Zhang Hongtao:

Finally I'll never forget about Semenova and Afanasyeva going 1 and 2 at the 2009 European Championships (EC) AA. They were on a path to domination and were both set to fight for WC 2009 AA & EF medals but they unfortunately got injured. Semenova performed poorly at WC 2009 and Afanasyeva was completely out for WC and half of 2010. I'm so glad that they achieved European success. I'm also glad that Semenova was able to win 2010 EC and WC team gold before she retired. One of my favourite floor routines from this quad was Semenova's 2009-2010 routine. She had style:


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