Thursday, December 27, 2012

Part 2: Favourite Things From This Quad

Aliya Mustafina in 2010! Oh the memories. She was a BAMF, destined to be a world champion. She lead her teammates to a team gold at the 2010 WC. She was the leader. One of my favourite routines from her was her '10 FX prelim. She stuck pretty much every single tumble and her 3/1 spin was perfect. She immediately became a star in 2010. I even remember making a thread poll titled something like "gymnast of the year" on the IG forum and Mustafina won! LOL 2010 memories, sadly I'm now banned from that board, boo. She's basically my second favourite gymnast of all time. She knows how to compete and doesn't give up easily. I'm happy that she was able to win UB gold at the Olympics after being seriously injured for a year.

Aliya MUSTAFINA UB from javier collados on Vimeo.

One of Mustafina's best friend was another BAMF named Tatiana Nabieva. She will always be remembered for her innovated bar work. She even has a skill named after her, "Nabieva" (toe-on laid out Tkatchev). It's an insane skill. She even connects it to a Pak Salto. She is a risk taker. She unfortunately stopped performing the Nabieva in 2011 due to back problems but still won a silver at the 2011 Tokyo WC on bars. Check out her best bar routine from 2010, 6.8 difficulty!

The Russian juniors were another favourite highlight for me. I immediately fell in love with Anastasia Grishina's 2010 floor routine:

Komova at the Youth Olympic was brilliant. She was already vaulting an Amanar vault. I really enjoy Komova's gymnastics when she is hitting. It's so disappointing that she loss two major AA titles. She is still a wonderful gymnast. There were times when I doubted her but she delivered an outstanding floor routine at the Olympic AA finals. I have always knew she was a great floor worker and it was great that she proved it that night. Komova's Olympic AA floor routine is a must watch:

Victoria Komova,FX Final Individual from javier collados on Vimeo.

Speaking of Youth Olympic, I also enjoyed watching Tan Sixin beam routines. She was a new star that was on the rise, sadly she is a inconsistent gymnast. I was also glad that Jiang Yuyuan was able to win 2nd AA at the 2010 WC.

I can't leave out Rebecca Bross's 2010 AA FX too. She fell off beam but came back fighting in the last rotation to perform one of the highest floor scores of the quad. She managed to win a well deserved AA bronze. She's not the best dancer but the tumbles were spot on.

Epke Zonderland's 2012 HB routine. He finally gets his revenge, just kidding. In 2010 he lost to another favourite of mine Zhang Chenglong. The majority of gym fans and casual viewers loves the high sky flying release skills. Zonderland is wonderful because he can connect 3 release skills in a row. I still love pirouette fests like Zhang Chenglong's in 2010. Two different styles and equally difficult. I guess it's easier for casual fans to understand Zonderland's routine.

Zhang Chenglong '10 HB:

But then there is this, Kohei's 2011 bar routine. Better execution than Zonderland and Zhang. Kohei is the king of execution.

Check out Kohei's near perfect 9.6 E-score Shewfelt vault.

I personally think Maroney has a better Amanar (WAG) than Kohei's. Sorry about the video quality:

But the ultimate vaulter is Yang Hak Seon. His vault is so hard that it is worth 7.4 in this CoP. It's insane because females can only crank 1.5 from a front handspring straight. Most men can barely compete 5/2 (2.5) Yeo. To do a 3/1 (Yang) seems like a dream but Yang made it come true. I'm so happy that Yang won the Olympic VT gold. He is super clean on his vault. Check out the "Yang" vault when it was debuted. It's truly amazing, no questions about it:

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