Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just Because...Random

I'm running out of ideas for this blog. I guess I have to think harder :D. This blog post is pretty much random/rant.

It's no secret that I am a huge Afanasyeva fan. I was watching some training videos of Afan when I came across a video of her training the double attitude spin. The double attitude spin is named after Ksenia Semenova. It's no surprise that these two have the best double attitude spins in gymnastics. They both come from the same gym and have the same coach. I personally find attitude spins more aesthetically pleasing to watch than any other spins in gymnastics. Doing a double attitude spin is hard and it's hard to make it look beautiful like Semenova's and Afanasyeva's. I have seen a lot of nice single attitude turns from many different gymnasts but no beautiful double attitude turns like Afanasyeva and Semenova. The Memmel Spin is probably harder than the attitude but most gymnasts make that spin unpleasing to watch. Plus there are too many gymnasts doing the Memmel. I've seen some gymnasts attempt double attitudes but none of them come close to looking anything like Afanasyeva's and Semenova's. Even some of the other Russians who attempted the "Semenova" made it look wonky.

Here's the short training vid. It was during the 2010 Netherlands tri-meet.

(Source: echoesinthewind)

And here's another turn being done by Afan. It's the leg at horizontal turn or L-turn. I absolutely hate that turn. It's ugly. It began to be a trend in the 05-08 quad and it never died. I can't stand that spin. Afan adds a little elegance to that ugly spin on FX. I like how creative her coach is. Afan eventually stopped doing the double stag because it's worth nothing. Later on Grishina started to do the stag too but took it out.

 (Source: starkofwinterfell)

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  1. Haha running out of ideas i see. I like your blog the way it is.

    I actually like Afan's attitude turn to than Semenova's. I feel like we should all just call it the Afanasyeva. I know it's rude because it's named after Semenova but Afanasyeva has been competing that skill for like forever. OK I'm aware that Semenova has been retired for awhile now.