Saturday, December 29, 2012

Part 4: Favourite Things From This Quad

Alright this is the final part. I won't do much explaining tonight. I might have missed some of my favourite moments. There were so many great gymnastics this quad. If you guys have any favourites please comment. Here are some honourable mentions:

Kohei Uchimura 2011 WC FX EF. Also for being the king of the quad. Four time AA gold medalists in a row! Now that's history for gymnastics.

Chen Yibing 2011 WC SR EF

Catalina Ponor 2012 Olympic BB TF

Larisa Iordache 2012 BB

Vanessa Zamarripa 2010 US Nationals VT

Aliya Mustafina 2012 Olympic TF VT

 Mattie Larson 2010 US Nationals floor

Phan Thi Ha Thanh 2011 WC VT EF: She won bronze.

Beth Tweddle 2012 UB:

Aly Raisman 2012 Gold Olympic floor: Okay, I may have said some rude and not so nice things about Aly but I think she deserves to be mentioned here. She may not be artistic but she knows how to rack up the difficulty to win. She easily dominated the floor finals. She was determined to win. Her first pass is insane and I really like her split jump after the double pike. She may not be one of my favourite gymnasts in terms of certain execution areas but her floor routine was golden on the most important night. She should also be handed the congeniality award. She shows some of the classiest sportsmanship attitude I have ever seen from any female gymnasts this quad.


  1. Romania is the last place you'd look for an artist. But it is here that we find a da Vinci. Ana Porgras brought femininity to a sport that rewards masculinity. And this, in my opinion, is where artistry begins.

    Ana for honorable mention!

    1. You don't understand gymnastics then. Gymnastics is a sport not a ballet concert.

    2. Who said anything about ballet? I was talking about an artist in women's 'artistic' gymnastics.

    3. I found what you said insanely ridiculous, "...a sport that rewards masculinity". Sorry but this is SPORTS. People also want to see innovated hard skills. Not just pretty dance. At the end of the day the harder tricks will standout to the crowd. These women who won are not masculine, that's what I was offended at. The judges know what they are doing!

      Powerful gymnasts can be just as beautiful as elegant gymnasts. I'd rather see high flying skills than a pretty dance that could potentially put me to sleep!

    4. Ana projects femininity. It is what makes her unique. This does not mean the other girls are manly in comparison; it just means their routines do not conjure up as many girlish stereotypes.

      And it's not their fault.

      The rules encourage spectacular feats of strength, daring and precision (traits that are often associated with masculinity) to the detriment of all the subjective details that make a performance evocative--like elegance, grace and subtlety.

      But an artist is able to mask strength with elegance, daring with grace, and precision with subtlety.