Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quick Thoughts On 2013 P&G Championships Day 1 WAG (USA Nationals)

- First, I love how USAG uploads videos so fast to youtube. Thank you to them.

-There were lots of nice double layouts being thrown out on floor. I really like that skill.

-I really dislike how NBC is using that colour triangle thing for their scoring system. And they still do that max and deduction system. Why are they trying to be so different? Is it really hard for them to be normal? Why can't they just use D-score and E-score?

-I was really impressed by Ross's DTY. Tim Daggat said he didn't know where the deductions came from but hello her leg separations in preflight gave some tenths away.

-No one stood out artistically on floor except maybe for Maroney. I dig her style but I always fear she will go out of bounds.

-The Amanars that Maroney and Biles did had huge 0.3 deductions in landings. Biles had a nice second vault.

-Biles beam was watered down (no 2 ff + layout) and a little shaky but her dismount in connection was insane and stuck.

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