Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quick Thoughts on P&G Championships Day 2 WAG (USA Nationals)

- Things started off  well with my favourite Maroney doing a wonderful floor routine. She scored a nice score of 15.250 with difficulty of 6.1. Her leaps are iffy but I enjoyed this routine. She was so close to that OOB on her double pike. I think I have posted way too many Marney floor on my blog but here is another one from tonight.

-Ross's uneven bars as Al put it, "You don't need to know anything about gymnastics, but that was gorgeous." I couldn't agree more. I'm one of those few fans who think Ross has a chance at medalling on bars in Antwerp. I know she will have to face 2 Russians and 2 Chinese but she could pull it off and who knows she could surprisingly win gold.

-During the end things got really dramatic when Biles messed up her toe-on skill. Ross needed a 15.45 to win over Biles but it wasn't enough. I was actually surprised at Ross's 15.25 beam score but I can see where the judges didn't deduct. It's crazy to think that Kyla could have gotten 15.45 for the win. She did win the second day of AA but the combined scores of day 1 & 2 had her in 2nd overall. The results.

Overall I think Biles is the one to beat for AA worlds but this does not mean she is my favourite to win.

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