Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some 2013 Russian Cup National News - Nabieva 1st AA

Sosnitskaya, Nabieva, Pavlova
It's really hard to keep up with all the gymnastics news right now. USA Nationals and Russian Nationals are all happening at the same time. The problem with Russia is that they don't broadcast or have videos up. I hope we get to see some videos of the Russians. This competition is seriously lacking in star power. No Mustafina, Afanasyeva, Komova and Grishina. Those gymnasts are all most likely to make the 2013 world team. It's very hard to take the Russians serious right now but this is their strategy and they know what they are doing.

It's nice Nabieva won. I hope she can reemerge into becoming one of Russia's top contenders again. This AA podium leaves a lot of questions to be answered. Obviously this is not the desired AA podium for Russia at a world stage.

Thanks to the wonderful rewritingrussiangymnastics for all the detailed information. You guys should all check it out. 

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