Tuesday, October 7, 2014

China Wins Team MAG Gold || Nanning 2014

1) China 273.369
2) Japan 273.269
3) USA 270.369 

Haters gonna hate :P Okay to be serious, home advantage? Yeah sure but you can argue over and over again about the results. I was sure Japan won too but the judges gave it to China. I'm neutral about this since I love both Chinese and Japanese team. About fair judging I'm not gonna go there. Japanese gymnastics is really beautiful.

Grrrr worlds makes us gymfans go crazy. I love it :P. I did get mad at certain things but I'm calm now. For example I wish gymnastic streams can be free for all. None of this ip blocking crap. I'm tired of proxy changing etc. I was a bit mad that FIG never streamed it live for everyone. FIG should not be restricted. I understand USAgym had to but I'm not understanding why FIG? Okay but yeah I could use other streams which I did. The China stream was really good and no IP block. They showed all the Chinese and Japanese routines and still managed to show some of the other nations. At the last rotation bronze was a battle between Great Britain, USA and Russia. That was exciting to watch. That stream even aired the press interview which was interesting to listen to.

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