Friday, October 10, 2014

Simone Biles Golden In WAG AA || Nanning 2014

This was another nice competition. I'm happy for all the medalists. I'm most happy for Iordache. She improved a lot. I watched the FIG stream. I never saw Iordache on bars but knowing how she performed on bars in the past I'm not surprised at the good bar score she got. Sometimes she's on sometimes she's off but she was on today. Her beam is good as always. Her difficulty dropped a bit because not everything was credited. Her vault was good as usual. Her floor was a bit nerve wrecking but she kept herself composed and even upgraded her last pass to full in pike. There were no doubt that she would medal. I think she will be the story of WAG this championships. Well I found myself feeling happy for her.

Biles took gold. She did a great job today. It must feel great to win 2 consecutive AA titles in a row. Teammate Kyla Ross came in 3rd. It's not that I am surprised she got 3rd it's that in gymnastics you never know what can happen. It was sad to see Mustafina fall on her dbl Arabian mount but it is what it is. She is capable of more difficulty so hopefully next year we can see more improvements from her. It's not over yet. Mustafina can still get gold on beam or medal on the events she qualified for. Anything can happen. Good luck and congratulations to everyone.   

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