Friday, October 3, 2014

MAG Day 1 Qualification Results || Nanning 2014

All of Day 1 results are here.

Thanks to USA Gymnastics Youtube I was able to watch China's and Great Britain's subdivisions live. Although I had to use a USA IP. They are already uploading China's and Great Britain's videos to youtube. I can view this one without proxy change.

China did okay in my opinion. Not their best day but I feel they will be ready for team finals. I feel Great Britain can do better too. China still leads after the first day of qualifications. Team results after day 1

AA results were tight and interesting. Everyone is close to each other and they can all do better in AA finals. Most of the guys had some small mishaps. AA finals should be really interesting. I can't wait to see Uchimura! I think I was most surprised that Cheng Ran got 89.631. I didn't know much about him. Verniaiev is close to the top but I heard he fell on an event (PH)? His subdivision was not live. I hope he stays consistent. AA results after day 1   

I can't comment much on other events since there were no live coverage. Yang Hak Seon only did two 6.0 vaults. He didn't try his Kas 5/2. I guess he is playing safe. He has a bit of a hamstring injury. Vault finals will still be interesting. Results after day 1

I won't be able to blog much about day 2. I'll be busy Saturday but at least I can still watch it live!

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