Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quick Final Thoughts on Russian Championships 2012 part 4

I missed this competition online again. Here are all the final results for EF: FINAL EF RESULTS

1st place, Anna Pavlova on vault! I'm not surprise and the Russian coaches should consider her. She needs to bust out a Amanar. She did do a Amanar in Beijing vault finals.

Grishina, Pavlova, Paseka
1st place, Aliya Mustafina on bars. Again not a surprise. From what I heard around the internet forums was that every gymnasts had a fall besides Mustafina and Inshina. I was happy to see Inshina medal for herself individually. Inshina came in 2nd. Grishina came in 3rd after falling from her VLW (toe-on shaposh 1/2). I'm actually not surprised that Grishina fell on this element. She is not tall enough to catch this element. She is always fingertips away from the HB and almost falls. She still has time to improve and perfect the VLW element but I hope that her coach takes it out if it becomes too inconsistent for her.

Aliya Mustafina's UB: She is a beast!

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