Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quick Thoughts on American Cup (SCAM) 2012

Did Leyva really win? I'm not an expert on MAG but it seems like his HB score was overscored. I hope people talks about this or at least educate me about this. It just didn't feel right. But of course my MAG knowledge is very limited. I have to re-watch this competition because I watched it in sh*tty streamed quality.

On the WAG side, BLAH. The Americans lack ARTISTRY; it was SO HARD to watch, painfully hard actually and I'm not lying or exaggerating. If you top it off with some of their execution faults it just makes it worst. They may have Amanars but they do not have bars, grace, beauty, and ARTISTRY.

I really liked Douglas though. Douglas was only doing exhibition AA which meant her scores did not count. She had the highest AA total score so that meant that she would have won. Oh but wait her FX artistry and music needs to change ASAP!

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