Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quick Thoughts on Russian Championships 2012 part 2

This time it was the Senior team finals, results are here: Click here for RESULTS 

1. Moscow Team: Mustafina was the leader of this group. It was quite hard to tell who was who in this group. I couldn't tell who did a DTY because they were either still doing warm-ups or I couldn't really tell the differences between Paseka and Mustafina. Regardless the DTY's I saw were good or had hops fwd. Grishina's DTY was a bit short with deep landings and I could tell she was really trying to wrap in that last twist.On bars Paseka was not aesthetically pleasing to watch. Their bar rotation got a lot better with Grishina. Grishina hit her set with a stuck landing. Mustafina was the star on this event. She did her regular routine and finally hits her pak + stalder shaposh 1/2. She was a bit hesitant on her sole 1/1 but manages to connect it into her dismount, "the Mustafina".
On beam this team had some problems Grishina fell on her RO + layout. She was very shaky but nailed her double spin. Mustafina was really shaky and had very low difficulty. Hopefully she will be able to upgrade and have a better constructed beam routine. If she wants to be a potential AA contender for the Olympics something has to be done about her BB. Beam is not her forte.
On FX Mustafina did not compete. Grishina was lovely. She really stood out and she probably performed a new routine. I couldn't really tell because there were no audio for music on floor.

2. Central Team: Afanasyeva was the leader for this team. She had a decent DTY & UB. She is fighting to stay on those bars. Her BB is beautiful when she can hit it. This time she connected a very good front aerial + ff + whip. Very secure in her leap jumps. The only major problem is her double pike dismount. Her floor was ok, I've seen better from her. She brought back her 3/2 + 1/1 twisting combo.

Pavlova was just Pavlova. A really beautiful and elegant gymnast. She fell on her jaeger release on bars. Her floor is really "pretty" but really lacks difficulty it was nice to just see her compete and help her regional team. Inshina did her job but did have some issues especially with the dbl front dismount on bars, it was quite scary.

The highlight for me was Mustafina's bars (16.033, bonus points though) and Afanasyeva's consistency (AA 59.733, bonus points though).

Mustafina's 16.033 bars. Not the best video quality.

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