Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quick Thoughts on Russian Championships 2012 part 1

First here are the results for Senior AA: Senior Results 

1. Aliya Mustafina is the all-around champion! She didn't show full difficulty but she has made a statement. She is definitely the leader for Russia and Russia absolutely needs her on their Olympic team. As the Olympic comes closer Aliya will most likely be in full strength with full difficulty and ready to challenge for a team & AA title.

2. Ksenia Afanasyeva has proven that she is too valuable to be left off the Olympic team. She manages to hit all her routines and showed that she really wants to make it to another Olympic games. She didn't show full difficulty on FX but did try to upgrade her double pike to a leap jump for CV. And finally she hits her Onodi + Side-somi combo on BB.

3. Anastasia Grishina has finally landed a DTY this is great news because a DTY will almost guarantee her a spot on the Olympic team. She had problems on bars and beam but this was only one competition and we'll see how well she does in the event finals. What really surprised me was that she had the top floor score. I think Grishina mainly focused on VT & FX for this competition and that could explain why she didn't do too well on UB & BB.

4. Yulia Inshina was consistent and quiet as usual. I was quite surprise at how well Inshina performed. She's proving to the Russian committee that she could help out somewhere and could be a very good alternate.

5. Anna Pavlova did well. She is still a very elegant and clean gymnast but with very low difficulty. What I like about Pavlova is that she is still competing and was helping her regional team for the team qualifications.

9. Yulia Belokobylskaya didn't have the best meet. On her best event she only scored 14.000 but on the bright side she did moderately well on BB.

*Please note that Komova, Dementyeva, Sidorova and Nabieva were not competing.

There are videos floating around on YT but the quality are poor due to the poor live stream, some videos = yannaGym 

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