Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Gymnastic News

Since I already started talking about the Canadian National's I felt like I should finish what I started. There hasn't been any official scores out yet but the very reliable gymnastic blog has a lot of Canadian National news. I especially liked how he had some MAG details.

MAG Europeans is going on in Montpellier, France. Here are all the details from: International Gymnast
The official website:
Tons of videos are being uploaded here: GymPOWER1 YouTube Channel
Official European YouTube Channel: europeangymnastics

Olympic hopeful Louis Smith of GBR tied with world champ Krisztian Berki of Hungary on PH in qualification. But with the tie breaking rule Berki finished first because of Smith's lower E-score.

Berki D-6.7 +  E-9.2 = 15.9
Smith D-6.9 + E-9.0 = 15.9

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