Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ksenia Afanasyeva For 2012 FX GOLD

Yup I said it. I am incredibly bias for my favourite gymnast. I want Afanasyeva to win the floor exercise in event finals at the Olympics. I have been recently watching a lot of floor exercises and no one has the style of the lioness Afanasyeva. She is elegant yet has difficult tumbles. It's hard to combine grace and power, which Afanasyeva does really well. I'll admit that she is not the only "pretty" graceful moving gymnast out there but no other gymnasts seems to do it for me. Afanasyeva has a different style that I have not seen from any other gymnasts, no one has matched up to her yet. There is Grishina but Afanasyeva still has something more superior than Grishina. Afanasyeva was born to move. There are many different styles of gymnastics but I like the Afanasyeva style. I grumble at some of her competitors floor exercises, they just don't do it for me. Afanasyeva's biggest flaws are getting around her spins and hitting her full routine. She's not perfect but when she's on she is perfect. Sometimes I lose hope in Afanasyeva but I remind myself to be positive and supportive. It may be annoying to some gym fans that I talk a lot about Afan but she clearly has a chance at a Olympic medal.

In honesty I hope she can make the Russian team and just be in London. She doesn't have to qualify to anything, I just want to see her in London. Her current status is unknown; minor injury and was/is sick? I hope she gets well soon. I can't wait for her to unveil her new choreographed routine. Each one she had debuted did not disappoint me. Hopefully her new floor routine will be great and golden in London.

One of my favourite Afanasyeva FX moment. 2009 AA European Championships.

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