Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thoughts on U.S. Classic Gymnastics


So many gymnastics stuff to blog about today. I just finished watching U.S Classics online. I'm going to admit I don't know much about classics but it has something to do with qualifying to USA National's. This meet was particularly exciting because Nastia Liukin is back and I also got to see how the Americans are doing. This meet was not so bad considering most of the gymnasts were not peaking and were not giving it 100%. This meet was't suppose to be full of spectacular gymnastics. I think the Americans are being a bit cautious and will take the next meets more serious and will make it more competitive. I still think the Americans are strong as a team and will peak well for the Olympics. The only concern I have about the Americans is ARTISTRY. I know it gets boring talking about their artistry but they really lack it. Their main contenders are the ones who really lacks artistry or are mediocre. The ones that might not make the team are the most artistic.

Nastia Liukin- Considering she hasn't been in the gym for awhile and to comeback and do an ok routine is pretty cool. I thought her score was a bit high though. Her leaps were not pretty and they were wonky. I harshly criticized the Russians on beam and so I will not spare Liukin's beam, she did not deserve 14.9. She really needs to stop dipping her butt down so low, it's not elegant. I do respect Liukin for keeping it real though. When Borden interviewed her she honestly said she would be upset if she didn't make the Olympic team.

Jordyn Wieber- She only did bars and beam. Bars was a bit rough for her. Beam was much better and she was solid. She needs to work on her artistry.

Kyla Ross- She didn't do anything spectacular but she is still a strong contender. Her Amanar is scary though. She has been going out of bounds a lot in recent competitions with her Amanar. She scored very good on bars 15.45. I still like this gymnast but she needs to spend more time at the ballet barre.

Gabrielle Douglas- She was really impressive on bars. USA needs her bars. On beam she was wobbly but if she can hit her routine she can be wonderful. Her FX was ok and she can at least get her 3/1 full around. She really needs to ditch her FX music asap.
McKayla Maroney- She did the Amanar and the Mustafina. She is the best female gymnast in the world on vault. I really hope USA figures out a way to have her on their team.

Alexandra Raisman- She was the AA winner. She is so consistent. I think she will make the USA team. She's not the most aesthetically pleasing gymnast in terms of execution but she stays on and in bounds on the apparatuses. She is so sloppy on bars though and it's not even funny. She really needs to work on her artistry on FX and BB. Her 3/1 full on FX was under-rotated.

Rebecca Bross- Is only going to focus on UB & BB for now on. She forfeited training AA. Her beam was wobbly but still ok except for her under-rotated Patterson dismount. She also desperately needs to work on her beam artistry, ugh.

-I was also annoyed that Tim Daggett said Maroney's Amanar was the #1 most AMAZING piece of skill on a apparatus in Tokyo from both the men's and women's side. I think Yang Hak Seon's 3/1 FHS was the most impressive!

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