Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quick Thoughts on 2012 European Event Finals

The Romanians dominated EF. Izbasa, Ponor and Iordache were golden. Izbasa won on VT with a DTY and tucky ro-1/2 on front 1/1 twist or unofficially known as the Mustafina. Iordache took gold on FX, she is a NEW STAR. Komova easily won UB but had a million wobbles on beam and sat down her Patterson dismount. Komova went all out with her dismount! Grishina fell off beam, damn. Grishina at least won 2nd on bars.
Beam finals was a splat-fest yet comical. I laughed during beam finals, not in a rude way but it was comical to watch. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Three gymnasts fell on their dismounts after Iordache's routine. The expressions on Ponor's, Iordache's and her coach's face said it all. They all couldn't believe the splat-fests and were trying to be respectful by not bursting out in laughter.

 Komova's GOLD UB

For more EF videos go to ArtisticGymnastics1 YouTube Channel

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