Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm starting To Like The Leap/Jump Out of Tumbles

Yup I said it, I'm starting to like the leaps/Jump out of tumbles. At first I wasn't used to leaps out of backwards tumbles but I have gotten used to it. At first I hated them with a passion but it does make gymnastics more exciting. I like how explosive some of the leaps are. I like getting caught off guard then BAM a nice huge leap or Jump. But of course it must be well performed and not look dodgy.

(Source: hus-bands)

(Source: monigymnastics)


  1. the third one is daiane dos santos? what a gorgeous jump.

    1. No. It would be Simone Biles of USA. Biles will turn senior next year. Under that gif there is a video of her FX routine. I don't think Dos Santos has ever leaped out of tumbles.