Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Floor Connection Updates

I haven't seen any new newsletter on the official FIG website but Gymnastics Canada has new updates on their website. I'm not sure why FIG is not updating 2013 newsletter to their websites but argh.

There are many new updates that you'll find useful. I'm going to touch on the floor connections. 

There will no longer be any "D(salto) + A (Dance)" connection value but it will have to be a dance element that is rated "B" or higher. Salto's that are rated "E" or higher connected with "A" dance elements are still eligible for 0.1 connection value.

D (salto) + A (dance) 0.1CV NOW: D(salto) + B(dance) = 0.1CV & E(salto) + A(dance) = 0.1CV

So no more of this allowed:

  (Source: hus-bands

But this is allowed:

(Source: Starkofwinterfell)


  1. Raisman can still do the leap after her double pike if she wanted to minimize landing deductions right? She just won't get bonus?