Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Russian Senior Yulia Tipaeva

I was watching some Russian gymnasts on Youtube and then came across videos of a recently new Russian senior Yulia Tipaeva. Currently she is not on the main Russian team but she is a reserved gymnast. I personally think she has potential. She is a decently clean gymnast. Maybe with more time she can add more difficulty. She was on the 2012 European Junior team, which is where I saw videos of her. I don't know what is the current state of Tipaeva but I hope she can be named to the main team. If anything I just wanted to give some recognition to this gymnast.

I particularly like her bar routine. We don't really get to see the 1/2 turn to double tuck in elite anymore. She could work on her toe-point but pretty good bars when she was a junior.

(using 2013 elite code)
Inbar + Inbar 1/2 (D+D)
Jaeger (D)
Stalder + Stalder 1/1 + Tkatchev (C+D+D) 0.1CV
Pak Salto (D)
1/2 Double Front (D)

3.1 + 0.1CV = 3.2 +2.5CR = 5.7 D-Score

She could upgrade and connect Jaeger for 0.1, Tkatchev + Pak for 0.1 for two extra tenths. Still kind of low D-score but what she does does make it seem like she has a difficult elite routine. She could be used as a steady lead off gymnast.

FX: She could improve by working hard on getting a triple twists or even 5/2 twists. I'm pretty sure she should be able to dismount with more difficulty. I'm not feeling the double attitude spin. She needs to learn from Afanasyeva. I love how the Russians are using more whip acro as connections too.

Whip x2 indirect Dbl Tuck (D) 0.1CV
Dbl Pike (D)
Semenova Spin (D) 
Switch Ring/Switch 1/2 (C/C)
3/2 + Layout (C)
Split 1/1 (C)
Double Twists (C) 

2.7 + 0.1CV = 2.8 + 2.3CR = 5.1 D-Score

BB: I couldn't find 2012 video but her 2011 routine is really nice. Not the most difficult routine but it's okay. She's relatively clean on this event. The onodi + sheep is connected slowly but I gave it to her.

Wolf + Split
Switch Leap + Tuck (C+C) 0.1CV
Onodi + Sheep (D+D) 0.2CV
Front Aerial + FF + LOSO (D) 0.1CV
Full leg split (C)
Switch 1/2 (D)
Dbl Tuck (D)

2.9 + 0.4CV = 3.3 + 2.5CR = 5.8 D-Score

VT: She is weak on vault. She does front handspring pike.

These D-scores I used the new 2013 CoP. It's hard to know where exactly where Tipaeva's difficulty is at now. Hopefully she'll compete this year and so we can get a clearer picture if she'll be a promising gymnast. Until then she is only on the senior reserve list. Maybe she'll have a shot at being on the main senior team.

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