Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just Because (D+A mixed connections)

Ling Jie's 1997 beam routine and other gifs. This beam routine is one of my favourites. I like her flic flac + Onodi + front aerial (B+D+D) connection. In the new code she would of received a tenth for series bonus and another tenth for the Onodi + front aerial. Total connections for 0.2. I also liked her wolf jump + Rulfova for 0.1 in the new code.

 (Ling Jie gifs by: monigymnastics)

As the gymnasts try to work the new code for this quad I hope we get to see some interesting dance + acro combinations. I guess it's a matter of preference but for some reasons I don't like acro + dance. For example, front aerial +wolf jump, front tuck + split jump and even recently Arabian + sissone. It doesn't seem exciting to me but it's worth it for the gymnasts to get CV. I'm okay with D+D mixed connections because Onodi + Sheep jump or other variations are hard.

(Qiao Ya by: gymnasticsgifs)

(Jiang Yuyuan by: monigymnastics)

My ultimate favourite, Daria Elizarova
(Source: gymnasticsgifs)

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