Monday, February 18, 2013

My Thoughts on Katelyn Ohashi's Balance Beam

One of the hot topics this past weekend was Ohashi's beam routine from the WOGA classic competition. Ohashi is a new senior for the American team and is well known for her beam. Of course she is also coached by Valeri Liukin.

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I personally like this routine. She's a bit stiff in her movements but not everyone can move smoothly. I'm thinking the layout 1/1 is a bit piked down but it's still incredibly difficult. With the new code acro + dance bonus I'm not really liking it. At first I thought it would look cool but now it's just going to be easy bonus points for some gymnasts. In some bizarre way I don't mind if the combo was done as dance + acro (which is eligible). Seeing acro + dance doesn't really get me excited. Although I am sick and tired of seeing switch leap + back tuck which is still eligible for connection. One thing that bothers me is the redundant front aerial skill in her routine. She won't get difficulty value for the second front aerial but she will get the connection values. I feel it just looks awkward. Maybe I just have to get use to it. If many gymnasts starts to do Front aerial + front aerial I'll probably have to stop watching beam. That is a trend I am not willing to enjoy. Slow easy forward connections are not exciting. Something like Livchikova's connections are exciting. Although Flic flac + loso + loso or some other kind of variations are redundant but they are more exciting to watch and more dynamic. I just hope many gymnasts does not catch on with the two front aerial connections idea.

I calculated Ohashi's beam difficulty at 7.1 and if she connects the onodi to front aerial she'll get an extra tenth for 7.2. There are no official D-score from the WOGA competition yet. So I don't know what her actual beam d-score is. She also missed her leap composition requirement -0.5. So I'm guessing her d-score was around 6.6, which is still a huge d-score.

Here are my calculations:

Arabian + Sissone (F) 0.1CV
FF + BHS + Layout 1/1 (G) 0.1SB, 0.2CV
Switch Ring Leap (E)
Onodi (D)
Front Aerial + Front Aerial + Sheep Jump (D+D) 0.3CV
Full Turn
Switch 1/2 Leap (D)
Double Pike (E)

3.9 + 0.1SB + 0.6CV = 4.6 + 2.5 = 7.1 or 6.6 for missed CR.

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