Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anna Dementyeva - Wins Memorial Joaquim Blume's AA

Anna Dementyeva is slowing coming back. She recently competed in Spain at the Memorial Joaquim Blume Cup. She won AA with 56.600, full results @ IG. She looked A LOT more better than when she competed at the Mexican Cup.

Her vault is still weak. She can decently still perform well on bars. Hopefully she can bring back her full bar difficulty. Her double layout dismount is a big concern for me though. She shouldn't be doing a double layout anymore, she can't handle it. She has grown up a lot and her body cannot handle a DLO dismount. She needs to work hard on finding a new dismount or she's going to have to do "C" dismounts. The DLO will cost her a lot of execution and potential injury problems.

Her balance beam execution is still decent. She still has great lines. I think if she really wants to make it to another worlds she has to get this event consistent. She has the most potential on beam. She just needs to do a lot of repetition. Again though, her 3/1 twists dismount is scary. I wish that her coaches would be more responsible and give her skills that she can perform well. Her 3/1 twists was not close to being completed. Why not just go with a 5/2 twists? Or do the dismount with no combination. I'm scared for the health of some of the Russian gymnasts sometimes.

On floor Dementyeva was okay. I'm still hoping she can improve on this event. She brought back the two whips indirect to 3/1 full and nicely did 5/2 + layout. Her Memmel spin is gorgeous. I liked how someone in the audience gave her a loud whistle for a well done Memmel turn :). She was lacking in the choreography department though. She took out a lot of her choreography :(. I think she will have new floor music and choreography for 2013.

Videos courtesy from Sarah Daunay YouTube You can watch more videos of Dementyeva at her YouTube channel. Or please click to read more after the jump.

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