Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NBC Olympic Gymnastic Coverage (video clips)

This is my first time seeing NBC's Olympic gymnastics coverage. Uploader gabrielmcdonough  has been uploading the NBC clips to youtube. They might get deleted so I suggest that people who have never seen the NBC coverage to check them out. Although they are only clips of routines it's still interesting to hear the American commentators perspective (I hate them and I feel sorry for the Americans who have to listen to them and I do realize that the woman commentator is Canadian, she's annoying.) 

I'm still surprised that Maroney fell on her second vault. She was the best female vaulter at the Olympics. The whole female vault finals at the Olympics was UGLY! I have nothing against Izbasa but her vaults were not really impressive, but I'm glad she walked away with the gold medal. I truly believed she won because she never fell. I still think Paseka was lucky to have been credit a Amanar. I just wished that the vault finals could have been more clean. But I do respect that these women work very hard to achieve these vaults.


  1. Yeah. That is a copyright strike waiting to happen.

    Fortunately, NBC's entire Olympic broadcast is on its website.

  2. Unfortunately only Americans can view the NBC website videos, this is why it's my first time seeing NBC coverage through YouTube. I could download the NBC coverage from somewhere else but I don't want to get computer virus.

  3. I would love to watch the BBC coverage (way better than NBC one). Did u have a link for that?

    1. I don't have a link and the official site is only for UK residents I think. During the Summer I watched the BBC through a hidden IP (even though it's illegal). I now watch the CTV (Canadian) sites and youtube channel. Also the Olympics have an official website where there is full coverage of every single gymnastic competition. Some prelims are missing but the finals are all there. It's more for all international viewers. You can choose which language you want to listen to or choose no commentary. I personally like to watch gymnastics with no commentary :).

  4. FYI there are full length competition videos now.