Thursday, November 15, 2012

Li Ning - The "Little Prince of Gymnastics"

The YouTube Olympic channel has a new montage about Li Ning called The "Little Prince of Gymnastics" is born - Ning Li - Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. You can read more about this great Chinese gymnast @  

The Olympic YouTube channel does not allow embedding. You can watch the montage HERE.

Li Ning is one of the most popular gymnast from China. He is known as the little prince of gymnastics 体操王子/體操王子. He was the most decorated Chinese gymnast at the 1984 Olympics. It was China's first time competing at the Olympic games. He is now the owner of his own sportswear company called Li Ning. It's basically like Nike or Adidas.

It's fun to watch old gymnastic videos of popular gymnasts from the past. It's good to learn about gymnastic history. There is a Li Ning documentary on YouTube that should interest some gymnastic fans. There are English subtitles, enjoy:

Another video I watched on YouTube was his 1984 floor routine. Wow the height on his tumbles.

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