Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Return of North Korea

As you all already know the North Koreans are back and allowed to compete in major gymnastic competitions. Their federation was banned for 2 years after they were caught falsifying some of their gymnasts ages. They are currently competing at the 5th Asian Championships in Putian, China.

The difficulty of their vaults are insane. In event finals Hong did the Amanar and Cheng vault. Even though she fell on the Amanar it was decent and clean enough, she was a teeny bit short and so she had to take a fall. She did not win this event. As soon as I find results I will edit/update.

Ri Se Gwang still does his incredibly hard vault. It is named after him, a Tsuk 1/1 twist dbl tuck. I read on gymnasticscoaching that he qualified 1st to event finals and his second vault was a piked Dragulescu.

Edit: Results for event finals day 1 can be found at Asian Gymnastics Union

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