Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick Thoughts on Massilia Cup

Okay so I've seen some videos. I'm only going to quickly talk about the Chinese and Russians. I was really impressed by the Chinese and very disappointed with the Russians. I'm not really feeling the Russian juniors. The Russians still have time to peak and get in top form but I hate to say it, they are the biggest chuckers. I'm not really impressed by the Russian juniors. They could get better, they need to work on their execution ASAP! I feel like the new up and coming Russians will not be dominate in the next quad. I think most of their seniors will have to stick around for awhile. I could be totally wrong though. China on the other hand looks pretty great. They at least do skills they can handle.

I'm really liking Liu Zhilin's beam combo. Wolf + aerial cartwheel. It's a really creative combination. I don't think anyone else has done that combo before? It's worth nothing in this code but in the new code it will be eligible for the Acro + Dance connection value = 0.1.

 (Source: monigymnastics)

I was not impressed by any of the Russians. Check out new 2013 senior Evgeniya Shelgunova's uneven bars. Oh the horror! She could improve so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how she does next year. This was a massive upgrade routine for Shelgunova.

Viktoria Kuzmina did an interesting bar routine for a Russian. She did an Ono pirouette, she has potential. Hopefully she can maintain the hard pirouette. She reminds me of Kurbatova. Kurbatova couldn't maintain her hard pirouettes so hopefully Kuzmina can. Kuzmina also has the exact same floor music as Kurbatova check it out:

Hopefully the Russians can improve on their beam and floor too. I just think they are rushing things. Maria Kharenkova who will be a senior in 2014 won floor EF. I'm not really feeling it:

Videos via: piibunina  & MademoiselleS13


  1. Is the code of points for junior similar to the one for seniors? 'cause I was seeing some of the AA results of massilia cup and I found some MASSIVE scores of canadian gymnasts, like 16.550 on vault (in seniors, this score is only possible doing a produnova vault) and 16.200 on floor (Shallon olsen) and 16.450 on beam (rose-kaying woo). These two gymnasts scored around 60 points in the all around and that's pretty impressive. This can't be possible for juniors o.o

    Look at this:

    1. Hi anon, I don't know how the junior code works. They are not doing Produnova vaults though. I think they get extra bonus points for doing certain skills and connections. Also it might depend on the competition rules. I don't think they will score like that as seniors.

      Oh and I think Shallon does a DTY, 5.8 for seniors but i think at this competition they up the difficulty to 6.8. I'm not exactly sure though.