Saturday, October 5, 2013

Worlds 2013 MAG Day 1 Event Finals Results

FX - Full Results

1) Kenzo Shirai JPN (7.4) 16.000

What can I say he is a twisting machine. Very awesome routine. I love his hard twisting combos and the quad. This guy has some major endurance power.

2) Jake Dalton USA (6.7) 15.600

I enjoyed his routine. He does lots of nice double saltos which is a nice change from the twisting fest. He rivals Kohei's 3/1. Dalton stuck a very nice 3/1. I also liked Legendre's routine but he had way too many hops on his landings.

3) Kohei Uchimura JPN (6.4) 15.500 Best execution 9.1

Best execution 9.1. I love how clean Kohei is. He's very precise and beautiful to watch. The 3/1 twists was beautiful and stuck.

PH - Full Results

1) Kohei Kameyama JPN (6.9) 15.833
2) Max Whitlock GBR (7.2) 15.633
2) Daniel Corral MEX (6.8) 15.633

Highlights - What a thrilling event finals to watch. I was not expecting Kameyama to win. He is very good on pommels. He is clean and has nice lines. Zhang Hongtao was my favourite for execution. He is really clean too bad about his difficultly but it's still a hard routine to do.

SR - Full Results

1) Arthur Zanetti BRA (6.8) 15.800
2) Alexander Balandin (6.9) 15.733
3) Brandon Wynn (6.7) 15.633

Everyone was really good here with the exception of the French guy. They are all so strong, my arms hurts just from watching them. 

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