Thursday, October 24, 2013

New 2013 WAG Elements

The FIG has posted up the new WAG elements that were performed in Antwerp worlds championships. There were 7 new elements but only 4 gymnasts were given skills named after them because the difficulty was D or higher. Victoria Moors broke the code by adding a new letter to the code. The new letter difficulty is "I"!

Full List of New Skills

Names Given:

(UB) Shang Chunsong CHN - Clear hip circle to counter piked on HB (F)

(BB) Silvia Colussi Pelaez ESP - Aerial cartwheel in cross position (E)

(FX) Simone Biles USA - DLO with 1/2 turn (G)

(FX) Victoria Moors CAN - DLO 2/1 twists (I)

Not Given Name (because 4 gymnasts performed it)

(FX) Switch Ring Leap with 1/2 turn (D)

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