Sunday, October 6, 2013

Worlds 2013 WAG Beam Results & Inquiries

BB - Full Results

1) Aliya Mustafina (6.0) 14.900

Woohoo :D She finally wins a gold medal. An interesting tidbit is that she has now got medals in every single event at a world level. Beam was the only medal that she was missing and how nice that it's a gold medal. This was a well deserved gold medal. It was cute watching her calculate her d-score when she was not happy about the difficulty that the judges gave her. IMHO I see nothing wrong with her routine. She connects everything (well not what she intended) here is my breakdown

Wolf + Sissone + Side-somi (D) 0.1CV
Onodi + Switch 1/2 (D+D) 0.2CV
2/1 Spin (D)
FWD Aerial + FF (D)
Switch Ring (E)
Aerial cartwheel (D)
Dbl Tuck (D)

3.3 + 0.3CV= 3.6 + 2.5CR = 6.1 D-score. She lost 0.1 somewhere. I personally think her connections were connected so I don't think it's there. I'm betting its her switch ring that was downgraded. Sometimes her free leg doesn't hit 45 degrees so downgrade one DV or maybe it's the back ring leg? I'm not sure though and these judges know what they are doing. If anyone knows why she lost 0.1 please leave a comment.

2) Kyla Ross  (6.0) 14.833

She had a good routine although she is all stop think then do skill, it's very distracting. Her hands are very distracting in a bad way too. Gymnastics wise she is very precise and that is what I like about her. She also filed an inquiry. Let me see what happened.

Switch Ring (E)
FF + loso
Full turn
Leap series
Front Aerial + Sheep (D+D) 0.2CV
Side-somi (D)
Switch leap + tuck (C) 0.1CV
Aerial cartwheel (D)
Front tuck + wolf (D) 0.1CV
Dbl tuck (D)

3.2 + 0.4 = 3.6 + 2.5 = 6.1 Difficulty. She was initially credit with 5.9, so she lost 2 tenths somewhere. Her inquiry was accepted and she got only 6.0. What I don't get is what the judges did. I can see that if she originally got 5.9 then she lost 0.2 for the front aerial + Sheep. It was slow IMO. But her other connections were spot on. So mathematically 6.0 makes no sense. Unless she was given front aerial + sheep but not another connection. I'm stuck on this one.

3) Simone Biles  (6.1) 14.333

And then there's Simone Biles. Not a fan of her beam routine except for the dismount. She also had an inquiry. She originally got 5.9 difficulty but gained back two tenths from the accepted inquiry. I couldn't find a video of her single routine but this video is interesting.

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