Sunday, October 6, 2013

Worlds 2013 MAG Day 2 Event Final Results

VT - Full Results

1) Yang Hak Seon KOR 15.533 AVG

He upped back his difficulty on his first vault. In prelims he only FHS 5/2. Today he did his Yang, the FHS 3/1. It was a very clean vault with a small step forward, 15.733. On his second vault he only went for Kas 2/1. Big hop back but still a very clean vault with nice leg form, 15.333. He submitted the Kas 5/2 for this championships but never did it. Maybe next year he will be more prepared. So happy he won.

2) Steven Legendre USA 15.249 AVG

First vault was a Dragulescu, very deep landing but still good vault 15.266. Second vault was Tsuk dbl pike. It was done well, 15.233 better execution than his first vault.

3) Kristian Thomas GBR 15.233 AVG

His first vault was really good. He stuck a very nice Yurchenko dbl pike for 15.500. His second vault was less difficult and it was okay. FHS tuck 2/1 and he hopped back, 14.966.

Oh and Kenzo Shirai did his 3/1 Yurchenko! Crazy how he can do it. He pre-twist slightly but still amazing. I think the vault is named the Shirai-Kim since Hee Hoon Kim also successfully did it.

PB - Full Results 

1) Lin Chaopan CHN (6.7) 15.666
1) Kohei Uchimura JPN (6.7) 15.666
3) John Orozco USA (6.8) 15.533

This finals was weird because some guys had major errors. Tsolakidis basically gave up and didn't do a dismount. I liked the Chinese. You Hao was good but had an error. He had the highest difficulty today. It's weird that at this championships gymnasts can tie. I don't understand the rules for ties. Actually I do get it but some years gymnasts don't share ties so it's weird. It needs to be consistent. Kohei upped his difficulty by 3 tenths for this final, I like his execution.

HB - Full Results

1) Epke Zonderland (7.7) 16.000
2) Fabian Hambuchen (7.4) 15.933
3) Kohei Uchumura (6.9) 15.633

I'm cool with these results. Epke may not be the cleanest guy but his routine is exciting. He has a crazy 7.7 difficulty that helps him win over guys who have clean execution. Fabian did well. I wanted him to win but he was down on difficulty and execution. I think maybe if he had stuck his dismount he would have won. Kohei had a very clean and nice routine except for a near big mistake. During one of his pirouette he almost lost strength and maybe had to take an extra swing but he went right into his Yamawaki.  

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