Friday, October 4, 2013

WAG 2013 Worlds AA Results - Simone Biles USA Wins

AA Award Ceremony


1. Simone Biles USA 60.216

Highlight for me would be her vault and floor. Her beam could be better. She got through bars and had the second highest E- score 8.600. Overall she did a very good job, well done.

2. Kyla Ross USA 59.332

She was my favourite today. Low difficulty but very good execution. It's proof that this strategy can work. It's sad because I could see Anastasia Grishina having this kind of strategy, come on Russia are you paying attention? It's sad the Russians insists Grishina do higher difficulty. Ross had the highest E-scores of the competition with the exception of FX (Biles was higher) VT9.566  UB8.700  BB8.633  FX8.633. She won the Longines elegance prize too :) Oh and Kohei won it again. Would have been better if someone else won it besides Kohei, maybe his teammate Kato should have won it.

3. Aliya Mustafina RUS 58.856

The Americans were too strong for Mustafina to challenge them but she put up a good fight. Her DTY is good but could be better. She brought back her full 6.7 bar routine. On floor she did good. She did two whips indirect to Arabian + stag, cool. I'm happy she got to medal.

Other highlights-

The Chinese failed on beam. Yao and Shang both fell off beam. Yao did the Mo Salto though!

Larisa Iordache started off good but then on her best event she fell off beam. She is my pick for BB EF gold. She came back on floor with a nice routine.

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