Saturday, October 5, 2013

Worlds 2013 WAG Day 1 Event Finals Results

VT - Full Results

1) McKayla Maroney USA 15.724 AVG
2) Simone Biles USA 15.595 AVG
3) Hong un Jong PKR 15.483 AVG

Highlights-  Giulia Steingruber was so good. She stuck her FHS 1.5. I think maybe that was the best she had ever done. Her DTY was not too shabby. I kind of wished she could of medaled 3rd but Hong had the difficulty. I was not impressed by Hong she is so dirty in her execution, blah. Obviously the big highlight would be the incredible Americans. They are masters at Amanars. Biles ro-1/2 fwd-1/2 twist is beautiful.

UB - Full Results

1) Huang Huidan CHN (6.6) 15.400

I am absolutely happy for Huang Huidan. I have been a fan of her bar routine for a long time. She was off my radar because I wasn't sure about her consistency but she nailed her routine today. I love her beautiful work with the stalder shaposh's. Very elegant on bars. This is one of my favourite moments of the championships :)

2) Kyla Ross USA (6.4) 15.266

What can I say she is beautiful on bars. She had some flexed feet and leg form issues but she is still nice to watch on bars. Love her inbar stalder work. Nice stuck DLO dismount.

3) Aliya Mustafina (6.5) 15.033

It wasn't meant to be Mustafina's day today. She lost valuable tenths (0.2) by not connecting the Pak to Shap 1/2. She only did 6.5 routine. She had some execution errors with leg and tap form. Still, she is very elegant and beautiful on bars. Well deserved bronze medal.

-Other highlights. Downie was very good on bars until she messed up and fell on a toe element trying to go forward. Germany's Scheder had a nice look to her routine. I haven't paid much attention to Scheder this championships but her inbar stalder work were very nice and beautiful. Poor Yao fell on her Mo salto element. I give her props for doing such a difficult skill. It's crazy that she still got a decent score. Yao's difficulty is just amazing for this new quad.

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