Sunday, October 6, 2013

Worlds 2013 WAG Floor Results

Full Results

1) Simone Biles USA (6.5) 15.000

I like her routine for the difficulty. Her DLO 1/2 out is impressive, now named the Biles :) Her opening pass dbl dbl tuck had huge bounce back and ending dismount had hop back. This was not her best floor routine but considering how much she performed this week I would say it's still an impressive routine. 6.5 very high difficulty.

2) Vanessa Ferrari ITA (6.2) 14.633

She had hop fwd on her dbl dbl tuck but everything else looked good enough. She finally gets a medal on floor. She is really good at sticking her tumbles.

3) Larisa Iordache ROU (6.1) 14.600

I never thought I would say this but I enjoyed this routine the most. She has improved on her artistry. I think the music was awesome for her. My favourite part of her choreography was when she dances and then goes low to the floor for choreo. Also her ending pose reminds me of Afan's Kill Bill ending pose :) very similar.

Other highlights - Mai Murakami did good I like her stuck DLO. I was hoping Sandra Izbasa could hit her routine and maybe beat Biles, which was possible. Sadly she had a very wonky stag jump after her 3/1 twists and she went all out by adding 1/1 twist to her dismount combo but fell :( I'm still not sure what the status is with Izbasa. Will she retire or not? I hope not but if she does she has achieved a lot in this sport and she can leave with happy memories. She always looks positive after her mistakes, she still smiled and I like seeing that.

This final had 4 girls doing the dbl dbl tuck! Steingruber did 1/1 DLO. The difficulty of this final was high.

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