Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tan Jiaxin 2013 East Asian Games UB Gold Routine

I think this routine is interesting and exciting. The new rule change is forcing China to do the bigger exciting release skills. I think no matter how much the FIG changes the uneven bars code the Chinese will always find a way to be the top competitors. Personally, I always enjoy Chinese bar routines no matter the style.

Hindorff + Pak (E+D) 0.2CV
Maloney + Gienger (D+D) 0.2CV
Giant 1/2 (B)
Healy + Jaeger (E+D) 0.1CV

3.2 + 0.5CV = 3.7 + 2.5CR = 6.2

Tan scored 6.2 + 8.550 = 14.750. She can actually do a harder routine like this one at 2013 Doha Cup.

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