Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 Russian Cup EF Vault & Bars

Ha, I knew Pavlova would win vault finals. So sad she has been blacklisted off Russia's Olympic team. Tatiana Nabieva got 2nd, good for her and Anna Myzdrikova is still around and medals 3rd. Maria Paseka couldn't get her Amanar. She can still possibly make the team but she has to get the Amanar consistent or she won't make the team. Russia really needs Amanars.

1) Anna Pavlova 14.390 (5.8/5.6)
2) Tatiana Nabieva 14.150 (5.2/5.8)
3) Anna Myzdrikova 13.800 (5.0/5.6)
Full results : Click Here

Nabieva, Pavlova, Myzdrikova

Uneven Bars
The beautiful Mustafina did an monstrous bar routine and scored huge. I'm really starting to favour Mustafina for the UB gold in London. It's good to see Grishina back she got 2nd place but it was only an exhibition routine. Komova did full difficulty but fell. Nabieva technically won 3rd because Grishina's routine was only an exhibition routine.

1) Aliya Mustafina 16.150 (7.0)
2) Anastasiya Grishina 15.450 (6.5) (Exhibition)
3) Viktoria Komova 15.150 (7.0)
4) Tatiana Nabieva  14.900 (6.1)
Full results: Click Here 
* Please note the full results gave incorrect last name to Anastasia Grishina as Anastasia Sidorova. It is a major error as Anastasia Sidorova bars difficulty is nowhere near past 6.0 and bars is her weakest event.

Komova, Mustafina, Nabieva

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