Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thoughts on 2012 USA Nationals

Results: CLICK HERE 

USA is looking very EXCELLENT. At this point that Olympic team gold medal is theirs. As much as I like artistry, which the USA lacks in, they have strong and powerful gymnastics. Strong and powerful gymnastics can be just as beautiful as elegance and grace. I am still a fan of Russia but Russia really needs to bring it in London. Oh and the Romanians will not back down. I think USA and Romania has the most mentally stable team and will be the most competitive/aggressive team in London. Russia better be prepared because those two teams will eat them alive if they show any signs of weaknesses.

Of course I do like to criticize though. USA was pretty weak on beam and the scores were a teeny generous on all apparatuses in my opinion. But of course, it was a domestic meet so the scores will be a bit overscored.

Nastia Liukin: Did not have the best showing yet she still made it to trials. I don't see her making the Olympic team. I feel Bross is actually in a better position of making the team before Liukin. Yes, Bross before Liukin.

McKayla Maroney: Apparently she had an concussion from wiping out of her triple full? She will be at trials. I hope she is OK. I need to see her win VT gold in London.

Jordyn Wieber: Blah, I don't really find her interesting. She is a very good gymnast but she doesn't have something that I like, I'm honestly not sure what it is, meh. I would honestly be ok if she won AA gold in London though. My real beef with her is her beam. Her front handspring has no real flight connection into her standing 1/1. Take it out.

Gabby Douglas: She is one of my favourite American gymnast and her bars is one of my favourites this quad. As much as I want Tweddle to win UB gold in London I'm starting to favour Gabby and Mustafina to take the title. USA NEEDS HER BARS. Gabby is inconsistent on beam though and always messes up her layout step out on beam.

Kyla Ross: Hmm, I still like her for bars and beam. She finally got a mini fluff from NBC, lol. I think she will make the team. I'm so happy she does a safe, clean, beautiful DTY. IMO she doesn't need the Amanar to make the team. She scored 15.250 for a DTY on day 2.

Aly Raisman: She is CONSISTENT. Her Amanar is still scary and her bars are still atrocious but she's going to make the team. She really can't do anything about her artistry on BB & FX but that's USA for ya. I can't believe I'm saying this but it's because I'm being objective, if Raisman hits her FX routine and all her other competitors crumbles I would be satisfy with a gold for her on floor. But of course it's iffy to predict the future and I hope she doesn't win FX EF. I'm not sure what's going on with her 3/1 full but she's not getting it fully around and she's not even doing it from connection. Most gymnasts these days are doing their 3/1 full from connections.

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