Monday, June 18, 2012

Mustafina/Komova Russian Cup FX EF

Aliya Mustafina 

Not a completely bad routine. It's an very encouraging routine for her. She should be proud of herself for getting a full routine back. I'm glad she took out the 3/2 + 3/2 twists combo and subbed it for a clean double tuck. What annoys me are the stupid gym fans who comments on these videos and on forums. Some say she is not back at full difficulty, others say she needs to upgrade to a full in tuck. I think these people know nothing about actual gymnastics and it frustrates me how idiotic some people are. What I can agree with fans is that her music is not the best. I like the whole rock music theme but not the screechy opera music. She should do a re-edit and take out the obnoxious screechy opera vocals.

Viktoria Komova 

I really don't like her floor music. Yeah it's cool that she uses Amy Winehouse's and the Queen- The Show Must Go On but it's an overwhelming edit. Maybe she should cut out Amy Winehouse's obnoxious part. I do like the Queen though. In terms of actual gymnastics I really don't have any comments. I feel like this routine won't grow on me, but maybe it will. This routine doesn't scream AA gold.

More videos can be found here: semenova15650 YouTube Channel

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