Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Um, Liukin Is Looking Good

I was a doubter but I think Liukin is legitimately going to have a good showing at USA's Nationals. Do I think she will make the team, I'm not sure yet. Based on the video her pak salto is kind of scary and she had always had a bad pak. Her dismount looked ok but she had spotting assistance. Things leading up to the Olympic games just got a little bit more exciting!

It looks like she will be going for a 6.5 D-score:

Ono + Healy + Ono 1/2 + Gienger (E+E+E+D) 0.6CV
Tkatchev (D)
Pak (D)
Ray (C)
Double Front 1/2 (D)
3.4 + 0.6CV = 4.0 + 2.5CR = 6.5 D-Score


  1. Does the stalder 1/2 at the beginning of her routine give her any bonus points? Why come you didn't count it?

  2. Hi anon :). I omitted the stalder 1/2 because it does not give her any connection value and can be omitted as her top counting 8 skills. The C.O.P is very difficult for me to explain but if you really want to know how I do these calculations you can ask.

  3. Oh ok, so i understand now. The stalder 1/2 is (C) which is the same as the Ray (C) so you just omitted the extra (C) which makes sense. Also C + E pirouette gives no bonus points, right? I'm getting confused because so many people on various sites/forum are saying it's a 6.6 SV.

    I'm excited about the possibility of Liukin doing a full routine again!

  4. Anon, C+E does not give you any connection value for pirouettes. The 6.6 D-score is a mistake from people on the internet. Funny enough my blog is the internet. I am 100% sure my d-score calculation is correct. The only way Liukin's routine can be 6.6 is if people know what her other secret routine will be.