Sunday, June 17, 2012

Showing Some Anna Dementyeva Love

She didn't make the cut to Russia's Olympic training squad. I hope this will not be the last we hear from the hardworking Anna Dementyeva. She has been a very important gymnast to Russia this quad. She was the workhorse the lead off gymnast. She was the 2011 European AA champion. She should have at least been named to the Olympic training squad. 

Dementyeva's best quality was her smile. She would always be smiling no matter what. It was easy to root for this underdog gymnast. I'm glad she was able to enjoy some fame. Her 2010-2011 floor exercise was one of my favourite routine this quad. The music was perfect for her. She had a unique bar routine for a Russian. She did hop 1/1 + tkatchev (really pretty combo) and actually did a bail for bars transfer instead of the boring overused pak salto that almost all the Russian gymnasts do (yawn). Her floor consisted of an cool whip + whip + bhs + 3/1 full, and at one point she was dismounting with a full-in dbl tuck. Anna was a gymnast who was able to upgrade quickly but crashed quickly too. She has been battling injuries this year but still manages to have respectable bars and beam scores. I hope she will still continue and contribute to team Russia in the next quad (2013-2016). If not I will never forgot this determine hardworking gymnast. Anna is one of my favourite Russian gymnast.


  1. Lovely gymnast <3 It's sad she won't be an Olympic contender.

  2. Those Russian bitches should of at least gave her a chance to train for the Olympics. She is so underrated and unappreciated. I really can't stand Sidorova and Inshina or Paseka. Damn Russia is looking really weak. Romania will probably overtake them.